REACH is an independent elementary school in Redondo Beach, California, designed for students with learning differences and academic or social challenges. At REACH, we empower students to understand their specific learning styles in a

small school setting. 

Our daily schedule utilizes a social thinking curriculum which helps students better understand who they are as people, and how to navigate the world around them. 


We focus on developing social skills through daily activities, social groups, and parent support groups.

At REACH we offer students a comprehensive academic program in which students receive reading and comprehension instruction utilizing evidence-based programs. Reading is targeted for two hours per day in small group settings. Instructional levels and groups are tailored to each student’s individual needs and academic abilities. We do not fit the child into a box; instead we build the box around the child. By keeping the class size small, we have the flexibility to challenge students

based on their strengths while at the same time,

bolstering skills in other areas. 


We utilize the past and current educational assessments and IEPs of each student to hone in on specific areas of challenge and strength. In addition, we collaborate with allied professionals on the student’s team to develop an Individualized Academic Plan. Progress monitoring, bench mark assessments, and quarterly meetings

with families ensure a strong line of

communication and support.

Reach Elementary School 

301 Avenue D 

Redondo Beach, Ca 90277

Telephone: 424-388-0312


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